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The beauty of the natural colours and colour moods is fascinating. But the reproduction of colours on different media often leads to spectacular but false results. It’s so easy to move the colour or contrast slider in Photoshop and increase the drama. Most of the photos on the Internet are

Orgosolo was until well into the 20th century a stronghold of notorious Sardinian banditry, the fiercely fought blood revenge and depressing poverty. In 1969, when it was much more civilized, the population prevented the construction of a NATO military training area in its traditional pastures by opposing collectively to the

There are pearls that only glow when you recognize them as pearls. This is true for Sa Jara (Sardinian), the Giara di Gesturi (Italian), a wind-ridden plateau in the middle of Sardinia and the last retreat of the Sardinian wild horses. Where are they from? There are only assumptions about

The Greeks called the island "Sandalyon" because its shape reminds of the footprint of a sandal. This also applies in a figurative sense: every culture of the ancient Mediterranean has left its footprints here. Not to the delight of the Sardinians. "Whoever comes across the sea is a thief," say the Sardinians.

What exactly does a camera do? Of course, different cameras have different functions. But these are just variants of a central feature that all cameras have and without which a camera does not work. In this photo, only the battered wall of a riding hall can be seen. Not a very

The original horse breed of North Africa and Morocco is the Barb or Berber horse, which has been bred in North Africa for about 4,000 years. Barbs were already a valuable commodity for Greeks and Romans and have shaped many horse breeds around the Mediterranean. The riding masters of the