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Charlotte B. Venema

Photography and horses are subjects that have accompanied me throughout my life. In addition, I became a lawyer.
As part of my many years working for an association, I have represented companies in court and worked in public relations, education and personnel policy. At the same time, for four years I was the editor of a trade magazine for corporate learning. Currently I am Managing Partner of the Corporate Learning Community gUG (

The interfaces between the individual fields of work have always interested me the most. Why do horses exert so much fascination on many people? How can I capture that in pictures? How can people learn and develop themselves through the encounter with horses? How can I organize learning and organizational development in companies so that everyone’s potential can best develop? What is changing with the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet? How should communication and cooperation be organized in a company? What significance do images and imaginary worlds have for people? How can I experience and understand the world anew and differently through photography?

New things arise when previously unconnected things are thought together. Just following a single project was never my thing. And I am still fascinated by how the chaos of the individual activities creates something new again and again.

Portrait Charlotte B. Venema