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3 Errors that prevent you from taking better photos

You want to shoot impressive, expressive photos? Then you should get over some beliefs that have prevented you from achieving that goal.

Error # 1:

It is important to find extraordinary, beautiful and rare photo opportunities.
If you walk around the world with this idea, you will run past the best motifs in search of the extraordinary. It is important to find something special in everyday life. If you want to take pictures, you should first learn to see. It’s less about the objects you take pictures of. It is much more fascinating. Photography is about light, because light is the only thing that records your camera. Seeing the flow of light in space is the most important skill of a photographer. Objects are only reflection surfaces. In general, it depends solely on the illumination, whether you get a great or a boring photo.

Error # 2:

Expensive cameras shoot great photos.
Every camera and lenses from the middle price segment of one of the well-known manufacturers initially meet all the conditions that you need for excellent photos. Better to spend a bit more on the lenses. They are more important than the camera. It is even more important to train vision and perception and to find your own style. Without these skills, the most expensive equipment will not do anything. Cameras are only as good as the photographer who has them in their hands.
If you want to get the last out of your photos in low light and dream of seeing your best photos in large format on the wall of the best gallery, ok, then you can spend 5,000 € or 20,000 € on a camera. But with more money, bad photos do not get better.

Error # 3:

Technology and tricks are important.
Much more important than technology and tricks is your attitude and how you see and interpret the world. You can learn photography technique, nothing is particularly complicated or mysterious. Once you’ve mastered the basics, every camera is a fantastic tool for dealing with the world. You have to understand what setting causes what. Then you can play with the settings and use the technique for your own goals. Everything that used to be painstakingly calculated today is done by the computer in the camera for the photographer. But the photographer should control the technique, not the other way around.