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Photography means: creating a picture with light. The sensor of the camera (or film) records traces of light that are bundled through the lens. Each photo is a record of the flow of light in space. A photo reproduces the objects in front of the camera only indirectly via the reflected light.

But how do you get strong pictures? Part of the answer is: By understanding and mastering the technical possibilities of photography. But even more important is to deal with your own intentions. What is the goal? The photo trips I offer here together with 28peaks are designed as an adventure in which you acquire the necessary technical knowledge and get every opportunity in an impressive environment to go beyond your own limits. Every day offers a new scenario and a new creative adventure.

Light Catcher - Photo Travel in Sardinia

Sardinia is the island of light. The inhabitants preserve and maintain their unique traditions. Mass tourism is virtually non-existent on the island. Therefore, the island and its inhabitants have preserved their peculiarities.

We travel off the beaten track from the rugged limestone cliffs of the Supramonte to the wild horses on the Giara di Gesturi plateau, the former bandit nest Ogosolo with its “talking walls”, visit the “Cavalcata Sarda”, the most famous folk festival in Sardinia and a stud, which has been breeding the beautiful Sardinian horses since the 15th century. And of course there is time to visit the mysterious nuraghe buildings. Every day there is an opportunity to ask questions about theory and practice. By way of example, we work on individual photos and learn together to master the technology of photography even better. Everything is put into practice immediately. This is not off-the-peg travel, but an offer to all participants to find their own way.