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New ideas are created through new connections

Photographer with a passion for horses, but also landscapes, cities, people and unusual projects

Corporate Learning Professional and Managing Partner at Corporate Learning Community gUG, Attorney at Law

Licensed HorseDream Partner: A concept of personnel development that touches people and helps them to discover their own potential and to develop new perspectives.

Icon Pferde Coaching

Coaching with Horses

Horses are for many people the embodiment of strength, power and presence. Horses take humans as what they express through their body language and their voice. Horses cannot be impressed by status symbols or titles because they simply do not understand them. We use this unfiltered and always honest feedback to initiate new developments. Encountering horses in a safe environment is an experience that opens new doors.

Icon Corporate Learning

Corporate Learning

People need to learn new things so that companies can develop. But in classical seminars and usual learning settings, one can only learn what has already been thought of. That is no longer enough. We need concepts that help people develop better solutions while they work. Learning and working are really only two sides of the same coin.